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Everything about SPacademy Tuition

SP Teachers

Solved Papers Academy professional teachers are experienced with Cambridge and Edexcel examinations. They have guided many candidates. They are the ones behind Solved Papers hand written solutions.

Easy to Setup

As a parent you need to register your son/daughter with Solved Papers academy. They will then gain access to their dashboard from where they can attend our live classes. Parents have their logins too.

Online Tuition

SPacademy uses Zoom for our virtual lessons. At the comfort of your home log in at your dashboard to your online live class with our tutors. We are committed to help your child get the A* they deserve in exam.

Tuition Inquiry

Send us your inquiries by filling a form at our inquiry page. We will get back to you with answers to clarify any questions you might have about our Tuition process. We are looking forward to have you on board .

Tuition Pricing

We work with all budgets, choose fee type that suits you from the invoices available, and give us a try. Its guarantee you will love our devoted tutors.
Year 8/9 - £15 per lesson
Year 10/11 - £20 / lesson
Year 12/13 - £25 / lesson

Fee Submission

Online Tuition Fees Submission is quick and easy. Head over to Fee Submission page, and select the class and type your child's name. You will see available invoices to select one of them and pay using your Card

SP Schedules

Lesson timetables for the parent/child accessed in their dashboard. The teachers will share a link for the live class in your dashboard to join up. There are 3 lessons per week per subject.
Lesson duration is 1 hour


We have weekly and monthly invoices. You need to settle your invoice upfront for your child to access their dashboards and live lessons. The dashboard can only be accessed upon payment.